AiHua Computer Studio is study the change disciplines of relating data about two or  more than two dimensions and is capable of regression analysis and mathematics modeling of relating data. He generalized the "Least Square Method" and established the "Least Cubic Method" as well as developed the data regression analysis software - DRS, which made the computation and results for data regression of one variable linear, multivariate linear and one variable nonlinear and multivariate nonlinear data calculating more easy and correct. If you are interested in regression analysis of relating data in your work and life, browse the homepage  of  Aihua Computer Studio , it  will bring  you great  help to use  its data regression analysis software - DRS.



"Least Cubic Method" to be China Council for the Promotion of  International Exchange and China Patent Technology Promotion Center, listed as the 2004 scientific and technological achievements, international patent technologies recommended items.


"Least Cubic Method" participated in the May 20, 2004 China Beijing international science and technology expo .


According to the "Least Cubic Method" developed data regression analysis software-DRS, on March 11, 2011, held the first session of the Hong Kong International Software Contest, was named China Software hundred.