Get into the main window of DRS, press software enrollment in the menu and enter into the software enrollment window, remember your computer code in the software register window. 

Apply the register code as the following six items




Computer code :

Send the above 3 items to Aihua Studio through e-mail or telephone. It is better to fill in the real name and make a copy prepare one to be kept by yourself, so that, you can get after service later and confirm identity as the formal user.     

 My Email: 


The way to pay register fee 

For the development of Aihua Computer Studio, please deliver register fee $108.

First Method of Payment

eMail contact for Path of Electron remittance:

Secondly Method of Payment

 Payment eMail: (Increased costs of remittance $40)


After receiving remittance and enrollment application, we will send you register code through e-mail in 24 hours. You can input the code in your software register window, and press register button, you can register successfully, and the DRS is available.  

The service the formal users can enjoy


Reply the knowledge problems and using problems through e-mail.            

If your datum regress precision is not perfect (it is no need to set formula for the non-datum problems), you can e-mail us the data, and we can help you make the data regress